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Lithonia Mold Cleanup and Remediation

M & M Total Services offers mold cleanup and remediation in Lithonia, GA.If you have any water damage in your home – even damage you can’t see – your home is at risk for mold infestation. It’s scary but true: Mold only needs 72 hours in a moist environment to grow. Once that happens, mold spores can be easily spread throughout your home, resulting in an infestation that could put your family’s health at risk.

That’s why M & M Total Services is more than a water damage repair company; we’re also mold remediation experts.

Mold Inspection and Assessment

We offer a comprehensive mold inspection and testing to check for mold growth in your home. We use the latest technology in the field to determine if mold or indoor allergens are present and if a professional cleanup is necessary. We will test for mold, identify the source of the problem and provide a complete removal and remediation plan

Mold Removal in Lithonia

Whether you call on us to repair your water damage or suspect there’s mold in your home, our licensed and experienced experts can provide you with superior mold removal in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

If you don’t have obvious water damage in your home, here are signs that you might have a mold problem:

• Your allergies are worse than usual, especially when you’re at home
• You smell a musty or moldy smell in your home
• You have water problems in your house, or your house often feels moist during wet weather
• There’s been past flooding in your home
• You see odd colors and patches in your home, especially near the basement, bathroom, and crawlspaces.

Any of these symptoms sound familiar? Give M & M Total Services a call for superior mold remediation and removal.

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When you’re in need of the best mold remediation in Lithonia, call on M & M Total Services for a free on-site consultation. Call our 24-hour hotline today at (770) 546-8947.

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