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Lithonia Water Removal and Extraction

M & M Total Services provides Lithonia water removal and extraction to prevent further water damage to your home. As soon as you notice water damage in your home, it’s time to take immediate action. The longer water damage steeps into your walls, floors, and sheetrock, the more likely it is that you’ll develop a major mold problem. Once you’ve reached that point, you’ve got a much bigger headache to worry about, as mold can harm your family’s health.

That’s precisely why you should call M & M Total Services for all your water removal and Extraction needs.

Thorough Water Removal You Can Trust

As soon as you call M & M Total Services for water removal and Extraction, you can be confident you’re in the best hands possible. We only use the most advanced industrial strength equipment to handle the water problems in your home. Our tools penetrate the deepest parts of your floor and walls to completely remove mold-causing water.

We even use high-velocity fans and dehumidifiers to ensure all moisture is completely removed from the air. This makes it highly unlikely that mold will take root in your home.

If you see water damage in your home, it’s extremely important to call us as soon as possible, as mold only needs 72 hours to form.

Contact M & M Total Services Today

When you’re in need of the best water removal and mold remediation in Lithonia, call on M & M Total Services for a free on-site consultation. Call our 24-hour hotline today at (770) 546-8947.

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